Assignment 4 Rework: Inspiration and Contact Sheet 2

In this photoshoot I was very much inspired by an Italian visual artist and photographer called Giuseppe Lo Schiavo.  The following photographs of his work (Ad Vivum) inspired me the most:


The series as Giuseppe Lo Schiavo describe it:

A combination of the classical aesthetic with a modern medium. I wanted to create portraits without explicit time references, chronologically uncertain. In those images, warm and cold colors are diffused and distributed through the subjects – in a similar manner as in the pictorial portraits – creating sculptures, motionless subjects, smooth and stiff like marble. The Latin name ‘ad vivum’ is taken from the engravings that some painters inserted under their paintings in order to specify that the painting was painted live.  __  Giuseppe Lo Schiavo


The photographs I took however must have harmony with the previous photographs of the assignment so I went for the bright bold colours to match.  Below is the contact sheet of the new photographs I took:

contact sheet2


From the contact sheet above I have chosen the ones I felt worked well and edited them on Photoshop to decide what to include in the finals:



Next, I have to decide on the final selections from this contact sheet and the previous one to add to the original series in assignment 4 in place of the ones I had to remove. I will also have to change the title and text of the assignment so the title fully reflect themes of harmony and discord from the original writings by my daughters as advised by my tutor.


Bibliography / References:

Giuseppe Lo Schiavo. Ad Vivum [online]. Giuseppe Lo Schiavo Art.  Available from:   [Accessed 30 September, 2017].


4 thoughts on “Assignment 4 Rework: Inspiration and Contact Sheet 2

  1. Ghada says:

    Hello Holly, I will basically be choosing from this contact sheet and the first one which you saw on Instagram, It’s called (Assignment 4 Rework: Contact Sheet and Selections) here on my blog and the chosen ones will be included in the final rework which I will post soon when ready. I also liked the ones you chose, I will have to see now how it will all be together in one series. I am submitting for the March assessment, good luck with your assignments 😊


  2. Holly Woodward says:

    Sorry I am so far behind in commenting, Ghada. I think these new ones are great. I’d got for 1 and 3 of the ones at the bottom. Are you also going to include some of the ones you have put on Instagram? I particularly like the one with their hair tied together and don’t think you have included it in your series at this point.


    • Ghada says:

      Yes, I want them to match the photographs in the previous series when I put them all together. While with the yellow background, I wanted to indicate jealousy since the yellow colour reflects that.

      Liked by 1 person

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