Exercise 5.1: (P.105): (Creating Still-life)


Create a set of still-life pictures showing traces of life without using people.

You could do this with your camera phone to reflect the vernacular and transient nature of these moments or you could choose to use high-quality imagery to give these moments gravitas, like Nigel Shafran. Your technical decisions should back up your ideas, so write a short reflective commentary detailing these decisions and the reasons for them.

I have taken two sets of pictures, the first set is taken with my digital camera while the second set I took with my iPhone.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III


I captured memories of my years at my parents’ house before getting married and moving out, photographs of my room and things that evoke special memories to me.




I captured objects that are related to my children at my own home.

Comparing both sets to me it shows how neat my room is when I was single as there is no clutter and everything is in place while having kids turned my house into a mess with my kids’ stuff misplaced here and there.  I am not complaining though, it is obvious that those messy rooms provided me with more creative thinking regarding what photographs to take!

It was easier to take shots with the iPhone then just add filters to it, however I did not use the iPhone camera to its fullest, I just took quick snap shots without bothering with technical modes while with the digital camera I was more concerned with the basics and technical issues as well as post processing.  I do enjoy taking photographs sometimes with my phone when it comes to photographs including family and friends while I prefer my digital camera for artistic photographs specially because the phone’s lens is not as good as the camera lens.  The photograph might look as good but when zooming in or blowing up the picture for a print; the result is terrible.

With people now shooting using their iPhones even the food they are about to eat take them away from their experience, instead of looking at a piece of art and thinking about it or watching a play and concentrating on it; people take photographs with their smart phones thus they prevent themselves from enjoying the moment and living the experience.  However, I do admit that it is easier to share the photographs using the technology available through phones nowadays.  It is also a good way to capture a moment and smart phones make it easier than cameras.





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