Assignment 3: The Contact Sheets and Selection Process

During the two days shooting process I had lots of ideas and taken many photos.  Some of them worked, some didn’t and others were not included in the final because I either did not like them or they just did not fit within the series.

Below are the Contact sheets of the shots:



After checking the shots I chose the ones that I liked and felt translated my feelings better.

Below are the selections before and after editing:

Before Editing:



After Editing:


As now I narrowed my selection; the finals will be chosen from the edited 12 shots.  I have printed out the photos and tried sequencing them to create a rhythm and making sure the final group of pictures are successful together.

During the sequencing; I had to dismiss three photographs that I felt did not fit in the overall narrative.



The second Combination fits better as it has better dialogue and connection between the photographs.


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