Exercise 4.3 (p. 80): Storyboard


Create a storyboard where the image does not depend on the text and the text adds something new to the narrative. This exercise is a light-hearted look at the role of image and text. Aim for it to be around 10 frames long. Draw the picture storyboard first and then add the text. Note how the story is affected when the text is added.

The Storyboard I created is about my daily routine life and it might basically relate to most of the stay at home moms’ lives.  I sketched a quick stick man figures storyboard first in a separate paper then I printed a ready empty storyboard template and tried my best to draw decent characters.  Although my kids commented that the boy in frame (5) looks like a dog; I am happy with the results!


Picture Storyboard with No Text


Picture Storyboard with Text

In this Storyboard the images came first and then the text and words were added to interpret what was already there.  When adding a text to an image; it can change the meaning or enhance it.  The text here did not replace the image but is equal to it.  Both the text and image interact and supplement each other.

It is said that “A picture tells a thousand words”.  Looking at the storyboard without the text, the images grab attention and they contribute to the storytelling process, then with the text added, the combination of both image and text contribute to the whole storytelling process where the text conveys information that the image could not provide such as in the last frame.  The images provide the ideas and concept where it tends to free the imagination while the text provides labels to the images and directs the thinking to a conclusion.


For the rework of this exercise, please click here.


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