Assignment 4: Final Idea and Plan

After looking at the work of Jan Von Holleben suggested by my tutor and the work of Lorna Freytag, I am planning to use conceptual photography for this assignment.  I have always been fascinated by this type of photography.  Illustrating a specific idea using photography is basically what conceptual photography means, therefore I feel that this assignment specifically can be fulfilled using this type of photography.  I have tried this in one of my assignments for the old course The Art of Photography (TAOP) and it was the one I enjoyed the most.  I might not be there yet when it comes to inspiring ideas and outcomes but I am willing to learn and enjoy at the same time.

Coming up with an idea is the hardest part, the assignment asks for series of work aiming for 7 to 10 images.  I did not feel that the first plan would fulfill the requirements of this assignment.  I love the idea of combining drawings with photography but I could not come up with an idea that goes with the assignment’s needs.  I do not want to rush into doing anything just for the sake of finishing the assignment on time although I am running out of time but at the end if I don’t like what I produce, I will be so disappointed.  I thought since I am here to learn then why not do something I like and learn from and at the same time fulfills the requirements?

I am a mother of twin girls, I see them quarrel sometimes and other days they would be hugging and sharing everything.  They come to me complain about things and sometimes there would be a competition between them and comparisons!  At that moment I thought why not do a project about them, about twins!

I started searching online and found the work of Krisitna Varaksina, a photographer from New York.  Her project is titled, “You Are My Twin.”  The project is a psychological study of twins’ relationship shown with the help of metaphors as she explains.  Varaksina collaborated with a talented set designer called Espen Øydvin to create the props she used in her project.

Her project can be seen on this video:

You Are My Twin by Kristina Varaksina

Her project reminds me of the work of Jan Von Holleben which I have looked into previously as suggested by my tutor.

The only difference with my twins is that they are unidentical!  However, that gave me more ideas to think about.  The project idea developed while my girls were quarreling, I said to them:  “How about you two help me with my project?”, of course they both competed to help and I handed them a piece of paper and asked them both to jot down what they like and dislike about being twins.  I asked them to sit away from each other and write down their ideas on a piece of paper without talking to each other.  The plan worked to stop the fight and I got some nice ideas from what they’ve written.  They would be adding more tomorrow then we plan to discuss them and sketch ideas.

Bibliography / References:

Varaksina, K. (2015). You Are My Twin: A Personal Fine Art Photo Project [online].  PetaPixel. Available from: [Accessed 4 May, 2017].



3 thoughts on “Assignment 4: Final Idea and Plan

  1. Judy Bach says:

    This sounds a fantastic idea and I am really looking forward to watching your progress with this concept. How fabulous that the twins are participating and taking an active part too ! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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