Hellen Van Meene

Hellen Van Meene a Dutch photographer known for her portraits of girls of imperfect faces and flowed bodies.  Her work has so much resemblance to paintings.

Van Meene’s photographs of her models looks spontaneous but she actually takes care of every detail in the photograph from the exceptional use of light and composition to the model’s clothes.  Her portraits have inherent grace, vulnerability and hidden secrets that can be noticed from the models’ postures and facial expressions.

When asked what makes a great portrait’ Van Meene said the first thing is to concentrate on what’s in front of you, that includes perfect lighting, models and all.  The second thing is to keep a balance between how much you reveal and how much you hide.  The photographer must love his/her subjects to be able to give and get back.



Van Meene’s models seem very disconnected from the scenario they are in, they gaze somewhere else other than at the camera, usually downcast, their expressions are distant which makes you wonder.


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