Exercise 5.3: (P.112): (A Journey)


Your journey may not involve travelling the world or an excursion across Russia. You might see your journey to the post office every Monday as particularly relevant – or the journey from your bed to the kitchen in the morning. Note the journeys you go on regularly and reflect upon them.

Now photograph them. Remember to aim for consistency in your pictures. If you choose to photograph all the charity shops you’ve visited in a week, try to photograph them all using the same camera, lens, standing position, lighting, etc. This will help keep your project honed to the subject matter rather than you, the photographer.

When I was at Sweden; I went on a road trip with my husband and kids and I used that trip to take photographs and create memories of the places we passed by.  Some of the photographs I took from the car window because we could not stop and get out of the car.  Others I had the chance to get out for a while to shoot.  I would like to use those photographs for this exercise.

Here are my photographs at Sweden:

©Ghada Alqassimi

©Ghada Alqassimi

©Ghada Alqassimi

©Ghada Alqassimi

©Ghada Alqassimi

©Ghada Alqassimi

While taking pictures from the car, I had to experiment with the best shutter speed to use since the vehicle was moving unless I am lucky and it stops for a while.  I wasn’t expecting  good results but I felt really bad not to try because the view was amazing and it is sad not to be able to stop and shoot.  I am glad I took the chance as I was happy with the results.



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