Exercise 2.4 Same background, different model (p.54)

In this exercise, we have to take three portraits of three different subjects but keep the background to the image consistent.  We are then to present all three images together as a series and reflect upon how successful this exercise was in our learning log or blog using around 500 words.

For this exercise, I used my kids and I photographed them indoors and outdoors.



I wanted to benefit from the available light without using a flash to give authenticity to the portraits.  The place I chose was the living room where it had lots of large windows.  There is a big window facing the location where my kids were sitting as well as a window on their right hand side and the one at the back of my subjects as it shows in the portrait.  However the place was lit from both the windows facing them and the one on the side.

I mounted my camera on a tripod and used my 50mm lens for the shots.  Working within a limitation of a fixed focal lens such as the 50mm helps be more creative.  I have always used my zoom lens for portraits and most of my portrait photographs are closeups of my subjects, the 50mm lens helped me move back and discover better compositions.  Moreover, the 50mm lens is great for indoors with low light conditions.

I dressed my twin girls in simple white dresses and my little boy in denim and white top with bare feet as I find that cute for kids in his age.  The simple outfit makes the subjects stand out instead of the other way round.  Since the portrait is full figure; I wanted to capture the language of my subjects’ bodies as well as their faces.  I asked the girls to sit straight and I posed the hands by asking them to put them on their lap to avoid dangling them or playing with them.  Posing the girls was easy as they love to be photographed but my little boy was hard to pose.  He is active and would like to do the opposite of what he is told so instead I engaged him in a conversation about a story he took at school called “The Bear Hunt” and I kept clicking whenever I get the pose and expression I like, it worked and I am happy with the result!

I would have preferred though posing the kids in their own environment, a place that incorporates elements that address their identities more such as their playroom for example, however the room was a bit messy and I preferred the living room’s lighting more.  Maybe next time, I can use some props in the living room instead.


I have also taken more photographs of the kids outdoors.


I asked the kids to pose in front of our big lemon tree and they seemed to enjoy it more outdoors.  The photographs were simple and natural.  I used the same 50mm lens and available light which is here the sun.

Later, I took a closeup of my girls just for my and their own pleasure:


My little 3 years old boy however decided that he does not want more photos and continued what he does best: running around and playing.


3 thoughts on “Exercise 2.4 Same background, different model (p.54)

  1. Catherine says:

    All the photographs are interesting to look at. My favourites are the last two because they bring out even more of the personality of your children to me.
    I think you did very well with the indoor lighting and coping with what could have been a backlit scenario.

    Liked by 1 person

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