Exercise 4.1 (p.75): (Looking at Advertisements)


OCA tutor Dawn Woolley writes a regular blog on Link 10 called ‘Looking at Advertisements’. Read one of Dawn’s articles and write a blog post or make a comment on the site in response.

Dawn article “Looking at Adverts: 12” discusses cosmetic products and how the producers of these products claim that their products such as concealer, lipstick etc can produce the same effect that Photoshop can do to the photo.  They claim that if the consumer use their products; they do not need to modify or smooth the skin afterwards using digital manipulation software.  This indicates the impact of the rise of the selfies and phone cameras.

Meredeth Jones explains that the standard of beauty nowadays has become based on manipulated images rather than real faces.

Cosmetic products now claim to diminish bad photos stating that there is no such thing as bad lighting.  They claim their products can help be “Photo ready” all the time.  Therefore, the adverts of these products now state that they do not retouch their adverts which could be a positive step.


The Maybelline advert for “The Eraser” has been banned by the authority because it used digital manipulation techniques which was considered a way to misleading the public.


Bibliography / References:

Dawn Woolley (2015).  Looking at Adverts: 12 [online]. WeAreOCA.  Available from: https://weareoca.com/photography/looking-at-adverts-12/ [Accessed 06, February 2016]


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