Assignment 3: Organizing Thoughts and Ideas

I became a bit lost on what exactly I want to work on.  My initial idea seemed very general and broad.  I had to narrow it and concentrate on what I want to work on as the main idea of my project.  Based on a lot of exploration, reading and thinking, the idea I wanted to work with started sinking in.  What I really want to do and concentrate on is the feelings I have after losing my grandmother.  I wanted to express that into my body of work.

I have looked at the work of Samantha Everton and Erwin Olaf for inspiration.  I was drawn to the colors used by Everton in her work while I loved how Olaf photograph reality translated into his own fantasy.

I loved the surreal inspiration from “Marionettes”, one of Everton’s series that draws to the issues of isolation under the stress and pressure of daily life through her use of symbolic ambiguity.

©Samantha Everton

Erwin Olaf is known for his theatrical compositions and his unconventional style.  He puts a scenario for his work and makes it perfect with the right composition and lighting to deliver dramatic visual and emotional impact.

Photographer Spotlight at Paris Photo 2014: ERWIN OLAF
LA Review of Books

I want this assignment to be a mirror to my inner spirit.  I want to express my feelings regarding the loss of my grandmother through my photos to find peace.

Bibliography / References:

Caruana, Natasha; Fox, Anna (2012). Behind the Image. London: Bloomsbury Publishing.

Everton Samantha. Marionettes [online]. Available from: [Accessed 26, January 2017].



6 thoughts on “Assignment 3: Organizing Thoughts and Ideas

  1. Catherine says:

    Very interesting interview with Erwin Olaf – his work is certainly ‘uncanny’, other-worldly and I agree with Judy – Samantha Everton’s images are so colourful. I’m looking forward to seeing how you progress your ideas.


    • Ghada says:

      Thank you Judy, yes it was like a therapy! I loved Everton’s images and actually the rich colours are the reason I was drawn to her images in the first place however, My finals lack colours, they are a bit dark but they suited my situation and mood more 😥


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