Assignment 2: Initial Ideas and Plans (Plan B)

I was not satisfied with the results of my first idea for assignment 2 (Plan A), therefore I decided to work on something else because I found that the photographs were very simple as I prefer them to be but very ordinary!  Changing the idea means reshooting a whole new subject.

My new subject is a man with a bubbly character, his name is (Abu Mohammed), he works as gateman  to one of the families in my city and takes care of their ducks and chickens.

I have taken lots of photographs of Abu Mohammed and I managed to choose the ones I liked the most (11 photographs) depending on different reasons.  Now I need to bring those 11 images down to the final five and although I have some ideas on what to choose; I really need feedback from my fellow students on what seems to work best for assignment 2.




12 thoughts on “Assignment 2: Initial Ideas and Plans (Plan B)

  1. Catherine says:

    I like this series as well. The ones for me would be 3, 5, 8, 9, 10 and 11. I chose 8 instead of 6 because I know the fact that Abu Mohammed takes care of the geese is important but my eyes kept being drawn towards the background.


    • Ghada says:

      But isn’t the background is as important as the subject? I like 8 as well but I find it ordinary while the angle in 6 is more humorous and unoriginal compared to the other shots, don’t you think so? Would love your thought on this because I am torn between 6, 7 and 8!


      • Catherine says:

        I agree – it is humorous – it’s just that the background is Abu Mohammed who is the subject and quite large in the frame. I would go for what seems right to you Ghada though, and fits best with your vision for the whole series, especially as you will be writing about the choices you made. It’s a very good series.


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