Assignment 5: The Absence of my Soul

The Brief:

Look back at the themes we’ve examined relating to place and our presence within it. What areas inspired you most? The culmination of this course is a self-directed assignment where you have free rein to choose a subject that relates to any of the material discussed in the course. You may have gathered skills and insights through the projects that you want to revisit or you may have been inspired by other ideas. The only stipulation is that the final outcome must represent a notion of identity and place that you are personally inspired by. Make sure that your work is visually consistent, relevant to the subject matter you choose and holds together well as a set, both visually and conceptually. Think carefully about your editing decisions.

  • Which images need to be there?
  • Which ones repeat other images?
  • Are you holding on to a favourite that is no longer required?
  • Do you need to re-shoot anything?

Aim for a coherent set of no more than 15 pictures, accompanied by a reflective commentary of no more than 500 words.


Assignment 5:  The Absence of my Soul Series Introduction

The series displays my emotions without the presence of a figure.  I chose to portray the misery, loss, absence, heartache, depression and the emptiness I feel every second after the loss of a great and close soul through the way the trees were photographed and the choice of colors.

In “The Poetics of Space” by Gaston Bachelard which I researched and posted about in my initial ideas and plans for this assignment here. Bachelard explored the psychology of houses explaining that every part means something to someone such as a door knob and a key both are used to open and close a door, however, people see the key as something which is more often used to lock a door while the door knob is seen as something used to often open a door. The same thing somewhat works with nature for me.  Nature can be the runaway from painful memories, however to me it awakens my emotions and wounds.  The silence of the forests, the sound of the wind, the thorn of the trees, the cold sad weather all create this emptiness in my heart that is transformed by memories that never fade.

Walking and exploring was my form of mediation inspired by Paul Gaffney see post here.  I was also inspired by the general photographs of sad forests while googling but I was aiming for colored photographs and Adi Dekel’s photographs were my inspiration for colors although her photographs include human figures.  Her photographs below specifically were the ones that inspired me the most:

Assignment 5: The Absence of my Soul

The final images for the series “The Absence of my Soul” are shown below and in sequence (click on images for full size):


The series can also be viewed as a slideshow below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.




6 thoughts on “Assignment 5: The Absence of my Soul

  1. blasgs says:

    What a lovely and poetic work Ghada. A great visual translation of the silence through the emptiness of these forests.The soft tone of the series also helps to create that mood. Great work!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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