Assignment 3: Reflection and Self Assessment


The series was technically challenging as I had to combine images together using layers and did some image modifications when working on the levitation photographs.  I tried creating a series using  mostly one lens except for the closeup portrait and one other photo where I wanted to create a great depth of field.  I converted the photographs to black and white and managed to produce a coherent set.  I shot in low light and managed to work with my daughter (the model) by directing her on what to do and how to work on her facial expressions and pose.

I did however fail in some of the shots where I wanted to get different results but the constrain of time and place played a big role in not being able to repeat the shots.  I went twice to the place and it was so hard for me every time I go there, I did not want to go again and I was running out of time.


Although the series was not what I planned to work with at the first place but it somehow have the similar idea which is translating my feelings into my photographs.  I think I managed to choose the final shots that has a rhythm and dialogue between them to make the right combination and I was able to dismiss the ones that does not add to the rest of the set or doesn’t fit even if I liked them.  Some of the photos I liked in color instead of black and white so I had to eliminate them as well.

I am more happy with the navigation of the menu for this assignment unlike the previous ones, I think the posts are now easier to find and identify.

While sequencing the photographs; Some of them affected me in a way where I had to pose for a while and work on them later because it brought so many memories and reminded me of my loss which means they succeeded in telling the story I am trying to say, especially the last photograph in the sequence which is #9.


I think I tried to be more creative in a way that affected some of the results in my photos like trying to do a levitation shot, not that it is a bad idea but I was so focused on doing the shot that it did not give the results I was expecting.  Sometimes it is better not to complicate things, a simple photograph might do the job better than a more complicated one.

However, I think I managed to use my photoshop skills wisely and effectively with the rest of the photographs such as photograph #1 where I combined five different shots into one.  I also think using a wide-angle lens for my shots was a challenge for me as it is a lens that I do not use much and do not get very good results with so I wanted to push myself with this assignment to stick with this lens and also because I need it to for the wide shots.  Of course with some of the shots that does not need a wide angle lens, I had to switch to another.

One of the lens I used was the macro lens and I used it for my closeup portrait #8.  I love the crispness it gives to a portrait and I think it makes a wonderful print.


When I decided to do “Mirror”; the idea was “how my fears were very simple when I was young compared to the fears I have being an adult” then I decided to do the series “Grandma” which expresses my loss and grief while losing a very close person in my life.  The series still addresses the fears like I wanted to express with the initial idea, therefore the final idea did not stray away from the original one.  Both work as a mirror to my inner spirit and played as a therapeutic journey.

The researches of other practitioners and reading especially the book “Behind the image”  by Natasha Caruana and Anna Fox helped with the ideas, thoughts and work that are put into this series.


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