Assignment 4: Reflection and Self Assessment


Since the weather in my homeland UAE is very hot and humid, it is very hard for me to take photos outdoors although I prefer to. It is 41 degrees in here, sometimes more and the humidity reaches about 85%. Therefore, I was constrained to take photos indoors and it was hard to find an uncluttered spot at home to execute some ideas.  I had to crop and retouch to remove unrelated items so it won’t be included in the photographs for no reason.  I had to work with indoor lighting and use the windows to benefit from the sunlight.  I added some textures to some of the photographs and changed colours and saturation using Photoshop.  I worked on composition and post processing for these images.


My work came out very minimalist as I do not think I am capable of loading my photographs with symbols and objects such as in complex conceptual photographs that are done by experienced or more imaginative artists.  I know my capabilities and I did not want to risk wasting more time than I already did.  I think my series expresses the idea I wanted without the need of including the actual text.

On the other hand, I am not very pleased with all the final photographs, I think I would have done better if the ideas and post processing wasn’t time consuming.  I found coming up with 7 to 10 images for my idea very hard and very challenging.  For example, the photographs with the twins wearing the headpiece, I planned for it differently.  I wanted objects glued into the head piece instead of the cutout pictures but that means more time is needed to redo the whole thing.  Also some of the ideas I wanted to present needs more time to work on and a lot of post processing and at the meantime I did not have the time and location to do so.  The last photograph could have been better executed if I had the time.  Perhaps I over think the ideas and I tend to compare my work with the previous ones such as my work on assignment 5 for the old course The Art of Photography (TAOP) which can be seen here.


I tried to work on a concept or an idea instead of settling with photographing a place or a normal image.  I chose conceptual photography that often seem unreal and deals with a lot of imagination and good photo processing skills which means the planning and decisions are made beforehand as well as during the shots and after and the result should be creative and expresses the idea presented to the viewer.

I chose not to include the text for the viewer to figure out what the message is from the photograph itself instead I used symbols and metaphors.  I also worked with my artist friend “Priyani” to come up with some of the pieces used in the photoshoot such as the head piece and dress (which was not used for this series).


The series was influenced by different photographers and artists which I have considered in my research for this assignment.  Other photographers such as samantha everton was researched for assignment 3 and I was influenced by the colors used in her photographs.


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