Assignment 3: Final Idea and Plan

After reading the book suggested by my tutor Jayne (Behind the Image); I have decided not to go with my initial idea which was working on (b. Window) project for the tea or moonstone mining community in Srilanka (see post here).  Jayne was also against the idea of combining coursework with my holiday.  She advised to think about the following when making an informal proposal for the project:

The What (what will you shoot)?; Why (concept)?; How? (technical considerations plus theoretical research).

After a lot of thoughts; I decided to do (b. Mirror).  The idea is about how my fears were very simple when I was young compared to the fears I have being an adult. I have been through a lot last year (2016) with the loss of my close cousin and grandmother at the same time and I would like to interpret some of my emotions using my daughter as a model. The idea was there from the beginning but I wasn’t sure how to start until I saw the work of Sharon Boothroyd in her series “Edelweiss” which I will do some research on.

The song “Que Sera, Sera” plays a part also as its one of my childhood memories. My daughter will play me and my emotions and fears, it will be staged photographs. I might go black and white on this one as sometimes the mood of it interprets my feelings better but that is not confirmed yet until I work on the ideas.

Now that I have a clear idea on what to do; I will start with my research on the subject.


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