Assignment 1: the non-familiar

The assignment asks to make five portraits of five different people from our local area who were previously unknown to us.  Who we photograph is entirely our choice but we should not give in to the temptation to photograph people we know!

The assignment also elaborates:

You may want to explore the idea of types, thus sticking to a theme. Or the sitters could be very disparate, linked only by the fact that they come from your local area. Give consideration to this and also how and where you photograph your sitters. Bearing in mind the strategies and techniques discussed in Part One, keep your set of images consistent and choose a technique that complements your conceptual approach. For example, do you want a series of location based portraits? Do you want the portraits to be situated inside? If so, drawing on your experience in Exercise 1.2, how will you select your backgrounds in order to give context?

Finally, we are asked to reflect and check against the assessment criteria listed in the introduction to this course guide and make sure it meets all the criteria. Moreover, we should make sure our evaluation is available to our tutor.

For the final work of assignment one; please click on assignments from the menu then choose Assignment 1: the non-familiar then click on the posts related.