Assignment 3: Initial Thoughts

I thought of taking advantage of my trip to Srilanka by making a series of photographs of the tea community or moonstone mining.  Unfortunately, it was hard to get involved into the process when one travels with kids under 11.  The other reason for me to cancel the idea was that I did not have the chance to visit the place more than once to make a connection with the people.  Having read part of the book “Behind The Image” by Caruana, Natasha and Fox, Anna – which has been suggested by my tutor – I understood that reasearch and exploration are big parts of making photographic projects.

Photographic series comes from research.  Everything that enriches the research should be count in from simple things such as overheard conversations or Facebook posts to influences derived from personal memories.  Research helps focus on the final photographic images and frames them.

I needed to become an insider by visiting the place more often and getting to know the people to help them open up, I do not have the opportunity to do that, I did take some photos but they were just something every tourist would do and nothing that could be made as a photographic project or series.

Reading through the book; a research proposal are broken into sections:

  • The Title:  Reveals more about the project.
  • The Topic or Theme:  Contains key details of the project such as intention of project, photographs approaches and development of project expectations.
  • Audience:  Who is the project for and where would it end in? Exhibitions? Publication.. etc.
  • Approaches and Methods:  Exploring the project in regards of technical issues related to the core of the project, experimentations, the finishing of the project in reflect to the context and collaboration possibilities.

Histories in photography nourish ideas.  Looking at photographs in exhibitions, magazines, internet, publications and photographers that interest us can provide more information and gives us more understanding on what to work on and what idea to develop.

I would think it’s best that I continue to read this book and come up with a different idea that takes into account a proper research before I get into working on assignment 3.

Bibliography / References:

Caruana, Natasha; Fox, Anna (2012). Behind the Image. London:   Bloomsbury Publishing.


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