Assignment 4: Double Cherry

The Brief:

Create a series of work (aim for 7–10 images) which in some way reflects upon the ideas surrounding identity and place that you’ve looked at so far in this course. Use the written word to play a part in its creation.

You may be inspired by a poem, song or a novel or decide to write your own fictive piece. You may draw upon other people’s words via eavesdropping or another source or use extracts from journals. You might find interesting textual accounts in archives in libraries that could inform this assignment. Allow your creativity to be spurred on by spending time with these words and reflecting on them.

Be wary of illustrating your text with pictures and vice versa. Allow for the viewers’ interpretation to be opened up rather than shut down by the pairings. You may decide not to include the actual words in the final production; that’s fine, as long as they have in some way informed the research and development of the concepts and have pushed the imagery further as a result.

Write a short reflective commentary (around 500 words) describing how your chosen ‘words’ have informed your series of images and make this available to your tutor alongside your images.


Assignment 4: Double Cherry

This assignment was the closest to what I love to do, however, I struggled to come up with ideas and shots, perhaps because the assignment asked to aim for 7 to 10 images or because I over think things all the time.

The ideas for this series, inspirations, research and all has been documented in the posts under the menu assignments: assignment 4: The Making of the Series (Double Cherry).

I decided to go for colors inspired by the work of Samantha Everton which I looked at in assignment 3 here.

For the title, I wanted something other than “Twins”, something more significant to enable the symbolism of the image to be reinforced.  I looked at some twin sayings and quotes and I found two that I liked:

“So we grew together Like to a double cherry, seeming parted, but yet a union in partition, two lovely berries moulded in one stem” — William Shakespeare

“Twins: two unique souls united by birth” — Anonymous

It was either “Twins: two unique souls united by birth” or “Double Cherry” and I decided to go for the “Double Cherry”.

Reading what my girls wrote about what they like and dislike about being twins and from my own experience with raising them; I created these photographs to tell the story and illustrate the text. I decided not to include the text so the viewers will make their own assumptions. I tried to visualize the text in a way that invites the readers to interpret the work which I think is very straightforward and need not to be combined with a text. The series could connect to their own experiences if they have twins or are one.

The meaning of the chosen words were presented as conceptual photographs with a main concept which is twins. Then the concept was transformed into ideas and ideas transformed into specific tangible images that are open for interpretation. In my series I think the title itself is enough guidance for interpretation, thus I do not need to explain the photographs more. The readers can figure out the rest.


The final images for the series “Double Cherry” are shown full size below and in sequence:


















4 thoughts on “Assignment 4: Double Cherry

  1. Catherine says:

    I enjoyed looking at the distinctive colour palette and think your concept worked very well in raising questions for me around the nature of ‘twins’ and similarities and differences.


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