Francesca Woodman

(April 3, 1958 – Jan 19,1981)


©Francesca Woodman

Francesca Woodman is an American photographer born in April 3, 1958.  Woodman was famous for her black and white photographs of herself or female models.  Her work is rich of expressions and mystery.  Most of her photographs are taken using slow shutter speed and her models are young and nude.  Woodman came from an artistic family.  Her father works in painting, mother in ceramics and her brother in video.

Woodman committed suicide in the age of 22 by throwing herself out of the window of her New York flat.  Woodman’s work was often compared to surrealist such as HansBellmer and Man Ray and she was one of Cindy Sherman’s influences.

Woodman liked to work in old buildings with dusty floorboards which gave her photographs a scary gothic feel.  The space Woodman use for her photographs have rooms with uncovered windows, peeled wallpapers and crumbling paint. She appears in her photos as a ghost or an angel.  I here see why my tutor advised me to explore her work for assignment 3, I just wish I knew about her before submitting the assignment.

©Francesca Woodman

It is hard to understand Woodman’s art.  Her work is rich in symbolism yet it’s creative and gives the viewer the chance to get lost in imagination.  I see ghosts and death in her photographs and I feel it came from her dark side where she perhaps wanted to express it in her photos.

©Francesca Woodman

I find Woodman’s work haunting and inspiring.  She took her life early but her fame was reborn after her death through her photos.

The Woodmans [2010] Legendado [PT-BR]
Jordana Lee

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