Exercise 3.1 (p.60): (Mirrors and Windows)


Go through your photographic archive and select around ten pictures. Separate them into two piles: one entitled ‘mirrors’ and the other entitled ‘windows’.

• What did you put in each pile and why?

• Did you have any difficulties in categorising them?

You may like to repeat the exercise with some different images and record your responses. It would be interesting to see you place the same image in both camps and review your reasons for doing so.

My Photographic Archive:

Scanning my photographic archive it was obvious that my photography is either shots of places I visited or photos of my family.  It is also obvious that most of my photographs are mirrors rather than windows as I personally use photography as a mirror to my identity and feelings.  I like to portray my feelings into photographs.  They reflect my feelings at a certain time and tend to be manipulated.  My family members especially my kids’ photographs work as a mirror to my world sometimes.  On the other hand, my window photographs are straight forward of documented places I visited.



My little girl photograph is a mirror to my inner world.  I took this photo and the rest of the series after my grandfather passed away as a way of grieving, letting go and trying to heal.


Portrait of my little girl that represents timeless innocence and me wishing to go back to those old days.  The mood of the photograph is like looking out of the window and seeing the good old memories flash by me.


Again, a series taken after my grandfather passed away.  Although it was a photo I took for assignment 5 for the course (The Art of Photography) which tells a story about a girl who lost her twin sister; the photo was created out of pain.  It reflects how happiness has slipped from me that day.



The photo is of skiers in Zermatt, Switzerland.  It’s a window as it works as a landscape documentary of the place.


The scene is a window to how winter is in Austria.


Another documented photograph of a place I visited (Mauritius).  It is a window to the environment and climate of Mauritius.


This photograph is a window to the culture of South Africa and the Xhosa tribe.  It was taken at the Cultural Village in Sun City in South Africa.


Dancing Water Show in Macau, Hong Kong.  A window to the art of the country.

Mirrors and Windows:


I feel that this photograph can be a window to the environment, climate and attraction in the place taken in (Hyde Park, London) and at the same time it’s a mirror because it is also a portrait of my husband and girls.


A window and a mirror:  it’s a portrait of my son and part of it is a mirror to my identity and at the same time it is a window of a metamorphosis image that tells a story about neglected children and the devastating effect on them.  Saying this does not mean  I was a neglected child but it’s the mood and feeling I was in when creating the photo frames it as a mirror.


This scene is in Sweden although it could be interpreted as a landscape photograph of the country (window); it is also a (mirror) to my inner world.  It is like the outer world being a reflection of my inner self because I recreated the photo (manipulation) to tell a story about who I am or how I feel at that certain moment.

I did not have difficulties categorising my photographs to windows and mirrors because they are either manipulated photos expressing my own self or a straightforward photograph of a documented place.


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