Exercise 1.4 Archival Intervention (p.34)

We are asked to look through the family archive and discover a series of portraits that have existed within this archive but have never been placed together before.

I have been postponing this exercise hoping to put my hands on the family album that my mother own.  Unfortunately, my mother has lost the keys to the drawers where the album is kept.  I waited weeks in the hope that she would find the keys but so far no luck and she said it would take her a while to search for it so I decided to search the picture frames in my dad’s house and found so many old photographs of my father, therefore, I decided to use them to show my dad throughout the years.

I also thought about using my kids’ photographs but I wanted to use very old photos instead, photos that I would ask questions about.  So my dad’s old photographs were my final choice.

I enjoyed sitting with my father while he talked about each of his photos.  Unfortunately, there were no dates on the photographs but my dad assumed the years and sometimes his age according to what he remembers so I would be using these dates.  Also the quality of these photographs might not be great because I had to take a photo using my mobile and some of the photographs were in frames behind its glass and was hard to take them out.

Before putting my father’s photographs; I wanted to start with his dad’s photograph (my grandfather).


My grandfather (Sultan). My dad only saw him in photographs as he passed away when my dad was only 2 years old.

The slideshow below shows photos of my father (Ahmed):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have searched the Bell School of Languages online and found that it still exist, that was quite interesting.  They even have an Instagram page.  I would like to show my dad The Bell School website when I see him again.

The last photo of my dad has the full date because it was digitally saved.  It was sad not to have the dates on the old photos though.  If the photographs were well documented; they would have greater value and the information would have been shared easier with others especially the next generation.  When I started choosing the photographs and then putting  them in chronological order according to the dates I was given by my father; it gave a sense of a story.  It would be nice to add a meaning to the photographs for the next generation to view, enjoy and share.


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