Assignment 2: Contact Sheet and Edited Images

In the assignment 2 tutor feedback; I was asked to include a contact sheet to show more than the 11 shots I have shown in my assignment and also to include the uncropped versions of the images I have cropped for the final five.

I have taken lots of shots for assignment 2 and I have only included the 11 shots I liked out of all and talked about them in my submission then I chose the final five out of these 11 shots.  Here I am including a contact sheet of more shots.  Shots that I have not considered  for the assignment or did not appeal to me.


And here are the two images before and after cropping:

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I cropped the image because I wanted to include the black Turkeys only.  The other two on the left seem a bit distracting.  However, the portrait was not chosen for the final five.

The other cropped image is number 3 from the final five.  Below is the image cropped and uncropped:

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