Assignment 3: Research: Sharon Boothroyd

Sharon Boothroyd is a photographic artist based in London.  While I was looking at her series “If you get married again, will you still love me?” I was drawn to the way she transfers her thoughts and ideas to photographs.  I then decided to search more of her work in case I find something that will help me with the idea I wanted to work on for assignment 3.  It is after I saw her series “Edelweiss” that I was able to gather more information and thoughts on how to start.

Sharon explains that Edelweiss is an ongoing series conceived as a visual lullaby using her daughters Anaïs and Larissa.  The series is about motherhood.  It tells the story of her hopes and fears as a new mum.  Her series is generally based on the lullaby.

©Sharon Boothroyd

The complete series can be found here.

Boothroyd didn’t want to create cute pictures using her daughters, thus she looked for a concept that will drive her material with.  She did so by using the visual lullaby to create a clash between innocence and something more sinister.  She explains that to stay away from the ordinary cute pictures; she needed a harsh contrast to measure against.

When asked about her hopes and plans for this work; she responded:  “I hope I can create a discussion in the photography world that engages with the idea of childhood and how adults view and interpret it. In one sense we feel cut off from it and it becomes inaccessible, even though we have all been there. This forgetfulness interests me. I think we have a lot to learn about ourselves by looking at children and I want to use myself as a starting point.

Good stories will always have a dose of good and evil to it in a healthy way she states.

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