Assignment 3: More Research and Thoughts

Everyone as a child experienced fear at a certain age, it is a natural part of childhood.  Most common childhood fears are:  loud noises, the dark, separation, strangers, noises at night, scary shows and the list goes on and on.  I as a child experienced different kinds of fears which I am sure others had as well.

  • I was scared of the dark, I would curl up as a ball in bed thinking something would pop up from under the bed and bite me!
  • I had anxiety that I might be an adopted child.
  • I was and still afraid of sharks and that came from watching (Jaws) as a child.
  • I was scared of angry teachers especially if I forgot to do my homework.  The old days it was allowed for the teachers to discipline the kids by hitting them with a ruler on the hand.
  • I was scared of being alone.
  • I was scared of scary masks and shadows that resemble scary things.
  • I was paranoid that people on frames would actually talk to me at night and that goes same with dolls and toys.
  • When looking at the mirror, I fear I would see someone behind me just like Dracula who you can only see in mirrors!
  • When shampooing and my eyes are closed; I fear a monster will be in the bathroom staring at my face and that I would see it when I open my eyes.  I find it strange that lots of people share this fear!

There are also certain things that upsets a child along with the fears.

Things that upset kids:

  • Losing or breaking their toys.
  • Comparing them to others.
  • A new baby.
  • Taking toys away as a punishment.
  • Not praising kids for their achievements.
  • Using negative words.
  • Giving attention to one sibling more than the other.
  • Using the frequent word “no”.
  • Threatened to be punished for a bad behavior.
  • Discipline punishments such as the naughty corner or naughty chair.
  • Family problems even the simplest yelling or arguing one.
  • Labeling kids negatively such as crybaby, selfish or whiner etc.
  • Not giving a child what he/she wants.
  • Not being able to solve a problem either at school or simple equations.
  • Being ignored.
  • Going to school or having to do their homework.

On the other hand, things that upset and traumatize adults are (in short):

  • Losing family members or someone very close (death).
  • Losing one self.
  • Dealing with painful memories and traumas.
  • Depression.
  • Separation or divorce.

Researching this subject and listing points down shows how wide the subject is and I would like to narrow it down and address a simple matter which addresses me as a person.  When I was a child, these child fears and matters would upset me a lot and it would feel like it is the end of the world but when one grows older all these would seem nothing compared to adults’ problems and one would wish that they go back to being kids and knowing that their biggest fear would be losing a toy or breaking it!  Saying this I do not under-estimate the fears or phobia that a child might have that might affect him/her as an adult later, I am just creating a photographic series about the simplicity of my own childhood fears recollection and memory compared to my painful adults’ reality.

Also the popular song “Que Sera, Sera” which was written by Ray Evans and sang by Doris Day brings lots of memories.  I personally heard it by Michael Barratt (Shakin’ Stevens) when I was a child, a British rock and roll singer and songwriter who was the UK’s biggest selling singles artist of the 1980s.  The three verses of the song expresses acceptance of something that one has no control of.  The girl asks her mother about what the future holds for her, whether she is going to be pretty or rich and about her adulthood, love and future.  The mother will always answer the same

Que sera, sera
Whatever will be, will be
The future’s not ours to see
Que sera, sera

Which means whatever is meant to happen; will happen.

This song comes to my mind whenever I think about the photographic series I want to create!  I am thinking perhaps the idea of how being a child all that I wanted and hoped for is being rich and pretty (plain whishes) but growing up and losing family members proved that these two wishes are not essential but family is everything.

I need to absorb all these ideas and focus on the choices I want to go for to create a photographic set that would tell my story in a narrative sequenced way.

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