Exercise 2.3 Same model, different background (p.51)

Considering the work of both Callahan and Germain, we are asked to select a subject for a series of five portraits, varying the locations and backgrounds.  We have to present our five images as a series and write around 500 words reflecting on the decisions we made.

My subject is an Artist who teaches kids arts and crafts at their homes.  My subject was chosen for my assignment two but I beared in mind that if the portraits don’t fit for the assignment that I would use it for my exercises instead.  I met with Priyani at her apartment and took several photos of her varying the background.



I photographed my subject sitting in her living room gazing away from the camera and looking at the window expressing modesty and patience.  There is enough space in the direction of her gaze that creates interest.  The model, her clothes and even the interior all have the shades of brown.  Therefore, including the green plant and yellow in the retro music box breaks the unified colors and adds the feeling of calm appearance.  Her hands clasping indicates that she might have been nervous as this was the first shot after we met.




The background with the big picture frame was very interesting, we had to remove some of the items that were cluttering the table to keep it simple.  Again the green and orange function as a an accent color to the overall brown photograph.  Both the model and the image in the picture frame share the same direction of gaze which I found interesting when I decided to take this photo.  Giving the subject something to do with the hands help with the anxiety she experienced in the first pose.




In this portrait, Priyani is making her morning coffee while in the background we see photos of her family on the fridge and fridge magnets that seem she got from different places she and her family visited.




Here the subject sits comfortably on the sofa of her living room sipping a cup of coffee and it shows that she started to loosen up.  She gazes straight into the lens with confidence and a half smile that projects a pleasing warm mood.  The background shows the environment she is living in and states the artistic side of her.  It is obvious that she loves warm shades.  She admitted loving the leopard dots and that we can see from the dress she was wearing that day and the throw on the sofa as well.



The fifth portrait is a close up portrait of the subject.  I used my telephoto lens (EF90-300mm) to avoid any distortion and to be able to use a shallow depth of field.  The eyes are in sharp focus and the subject gazes straight into the lens.  We can feel the warmth and kindness of the subject through her slight smile and warm gaze.  The portrait was taken in her small apartment balcony.

There are several things I would have done better in this exercise, varying the type of location would be one.  The photographs were all taken in the apartment, I only varied the location by photographing in the kitchen, living room, bedroom and balcony.


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