William Eggleston

William Eggleston is known for his very saturated coloured photographs using dye-transfer process.  He likes to depict everyday objects and scenes with his lens.

John Szarkowski liked his work and Eggleston was given a show at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) but the show was called “The most hated show of the year”!  The reason was because it was always hard to read into Eggleston’s photographs.  He takes photos of things that people doesn’t find a substantial importance to them but to Eggleston his job is to do the work and leaves it to us to figure out the meaning of it.  “I am at war with the obvious” he said.

Eggleston photographs are of everyday objects such as an inside of a freezer or a rusted tricycle in a bleak suburban landscape.  It is all about finding beauty in an uninteresting or dull moments.

©William Eggleston

©William Eggleston

©William Eggleston

©William Eggleston

Eggleston photographs has no people in them but his great choice of color combination, density and the tonal range throughout the photographs add harmony and beauty to his photos.  What matters to him is what the photographer gets out of the photos and how the viewers connect to it.  It is how a photograph affects you emotionally.  He basically Emphasizes emptiness and isolation by not explaining what’s going on in the picture and that creates an atmosphere of anxiety or that something had happened or will happen.


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