(Hjordis, I Miss You) by photographer Erik Simander

Witnessing my grandmother losing my grandfather (her husband) and staying over with her, I so relate to Erik Simander’s series (Hjordis, I Miss You).  My grandparents were so close to each other, my grandmother told me after he passed away: “I never saw this coming, I thought we would stay together forever! We never once had a big fight”.  It was hard seeing her not able to cope with her loss, she did not want to leave the house she lived in with him although I offered to have her live with me to take a better care of her.  Simander brought back so many memories with his series.

Erik Simander is a Swedish photographer, his series (Hjordis, I Miss You) was created after the death of his grandmother.  Simander stayed with his grandfather who suffered from AMD (age-related macular degeneration) after losing his partner.  Simander recorded his grief over his wife and how he was coping with the situation living in an empty home.

(Hjordis, I Miss You) by ©Erik Simander

The series conveys lots of emotions and connects the viewer to his own experiences.  Simander’s images are subtle and quiet, sort of Scandinavian style photography.  Everything is organised and details are rich in meaning but in a very minimalistic simple style.


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