Hans Eijkelboom

Hans Eijkelboom is a Dutch artist who uses photography to explore identity.  It first started about examining his own identity then it was more about identity of the society in general.  His series is a mirror in which he sees himself.

In one of his series called “With My Family“; Eijkelboom played surrogate dad in other people’s family portraits.  He went to people’s houses, rang their doorbells when the husbands are absent and convinced the wives to take family photos with him in place of the dad.  The results show him with the wives and children where he convincingly fit right.  He never looked out of place.


©Hans Eijkelboom

Another project of his called “In de Krant” which means “being in the newspaper”; Eijkelboom managed to appear in the newspaper for ten consecutive days.  He would show in the background of every photo main news in his local newspaper.  Eijkelboom would track a local press photographer and manage to get himself into the frame whenever he photograph.  The funny artist would look puzzled and curious in every photo.  It was a performance by a person who did not know what’s going on!

©Hans Eijkelboom

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2 thoughts on “Hans Eijkelboom

  1. Catherine says:

    How strange, I’ve just been writing a brief note on him and this particular series. I’m thinking he might have known these people. I certainly can’t imagine a photographer doing that nowadays, with so much attention being given to stranger/danger warnings.


    • Ghada says:

      I agree! Perhaps they are from the same neighborhoods. However, Eijkelboom seems to be good at taking care of himself, if you check his series “identity”, a man who has been asked about him described him as: “a real blackguard always willing to finish the discussion elsewhere – with his fists” 😂😁


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