Part Two (Studio): Adrian Paci (Back Home)

Adrian Paci born in 1969 in Shkodar, Albania, now works and lives in Milan, Italy.  His work is inspired by stories and characters in his everyday life.  Stories relating to immigration, political transformation, loss, nostalgia and cultural identity.  Something he went through himself while escaping violence in Albania.

His series (Back Home) are photographs of immigrant Albanians posing in front of a reproductions of their former houses in Albania.  Those families now live in Italy.  Paci took photos of their abandoned houses then he reproduced them on painted backdrops.  I chose to write about Paci because of the creative way he used to take photographs in his studio.  It wasn’t just a backdrop but a re-staging of a background that tells a story and explores how people are shaped by their environmental boundaries.  The photographs mimic the past decades of studio photographs, Paci deliberately chosen the tones of beige and grey of the background to give the feeling of fading memories.

Below are photographs from his series (Back Home):


©Adrian Paci


©Adrian Paci



©Adrian Paci



©Adrian Paci


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