Photographing People Unaware

Taking photos of people in a busy street makes it easier not to be noticed.  People feel part of the chaos thus feel less targeted.  One can shoot with a wider lens and not point directly to the subject, people won’t feel any kind of invasion of their privacy.

Sitting in places such as a cafe for example; one can create great photos of human interactions.  Tighter candids can be taken with longer lens and better to avoid the telephoto lens as it draws more attention.  Another way is to use the point and shoot camera as it is less intimidating.

However, the most important thing is to be aware of what is going on, what to include and what to exclude and what communicates the feeling better, a tighter crop or a wider one.  The joy is to capture people’s expressions, interactions, emotions and activities.

In his book “Within the Frame”; David duChemin suggests that one chooses a place and settles in for a while till he blends into the scene and people start to ignore him.  Taking the time to shoot is better than the sneaky grab shot he explains, it works better.  However if the photograph you want to create is more intimate then it is better to walk up and ask!


Bibliography / References:

David duChemin, (2009) Within The Frame:  The Journey of Photographic Vision. Berkeley: New Riders.


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