Bill Bamberger Portraits in Rwanda

Sewing class in the children's village of Kigarama

Sewing class in the children’s village of Kigarama.

Image Source:  Rwanda – Bill Bamberger

Bamberger lives in Durham, North Carolina.  His work explores cultural and social issues of our time.  His first book “Closing: The Life and Death of an American Factory” won the Mayflower Prize in non-fiction and was semi-finalist for the Robert F. Kennedy Book Award.

I came across his  photographs in Rwanda where he photographed the Rwandese people finding their way while faced with issues such as education healthcare and housing.  His photographs explore the modern face of Rwanda. He photographed orphaned children, construction workers, farmers, and more after visiting the health clinics in Kigali’s poorest neighborhoods, tea fields, schools in remote mountain villages and more.

I enjoyed looking at his portraits in (Rwanda) and (Boys will be Men).   The simplicity and beauty in this photographs show as if it has been effortlessly done yet the description of every little detail in any of his photographs convey the message or goal he is after.

Below is the Video about Bamberger’s portraits in Rwanda which is very informative.

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