Portraiture and the Archive (Julian Germain)

I enjoyed reading about the work of the British photographer Julian Germain who has photographed classrooms in 19 countries all over the world.  His series “Classroom Portraits” is interesting, it shows how the classrooms are in different countries such as Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Bangladesh and more.

His pictures show the whole classrooms with the students and we can compare the differences between a classroom in a country such as Germany and a poor country such as Ethiopia.  The classrooms have the same concept where the teacher stands in front of a row of students with the board on one side but the difference is the socioeconomic wellbeing that shows from the kids clothes and the shape and condition of the classrooms from the used desks and materials.

The pictures were taken regardless of the age and background.  The camera was set at the eye level of the teacher and the children were not asked to adapt a certain mood.

Here are some of the photographs taken for this series:


Bahrain, Grade 11, Islamic Class


Nigeria, Senior Islamic Secondary Level 2 Social Studies


England, Year 10, English


Peru, Secondary Grade 2, Mathematics

Images Source:  BoredPanda

Bibliography / References:

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