Social Media Profile Picture (P. 13)

Looking at my social media profiles; I noticed that they are either my kid’s pictures or one from my photography images.


My Flickr Profile

For example, my Flickr profile now has my son’s portrait which is also part of my photography images.  The previous profiles were all same either my kids’ portraits or my art photography images.


My Instagram Profile

The same goes to my Instagram profile which again here my youngest son.

All my social media profiles does not have my own portrait on it but they still in my opinion says a lot about me even more than if I uploaded my own portrait.  It describes me as a mother who finds that her kids are everything to her and it represents me as a photographer who is also more into portraits.

I find my profile images present an accurate image of who I am as a person.  One that is around her kids all the time and into art and photography.  I have always been the one behind the camera when it comes to family occasions or family gatherings and travel.  Sometimes there is not even a picture of me, it’s always my kids and their dad but it’s something that I love to do, I am not fond of having my picture taken or posing, I enjoy being the one who takes those pictures and my shots still talk about me and describe me as a person.  I sometimes ask to take a snap of me so at least my kids remember me when I am away one day but when it comes to my media profiles I only upload my kids and family images or my photography art images.



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